EES Equipment Exchange & Service GmbH is a buyer, refurbisher and reseller of used high technology manufacturing equipment and related items. We both sell to and purchase from such industries as: Semiconductor Manufacturing, MEMs and Nanotechnology, Compound Semiconductor, Photonics, Optics, Solar, Biopharma, Medical, Laboratory and Research and Development to name a few.

Since 1984 we have been successful in our mission by providing our customers with quality used equipment giving them a greater return on their investment. We carry an extensive inventory consisting of over hundred different product types ranging from thin film deposition systems and plasma etchers to ovens, vacuum pumps and chillers. The thousand plus item inventory listed on our website is owned by us and stored in our facility in 78269 Volkertshausen in Germany. Our inventory changes on a daily basis and our website is updated throughout the day to reflect those changes. We strive to provide an accurate, complete, standardized product description including actual photographs of the equipment being offered. We encourage our customers to notify us of products they are searching for but cannot find in our inventory.

As with our inventory we have an equally diverse group of international customers. We have 30 years of experience exporting the equipment we offer all over the world. We do the complete packing and crating in-house and use the larger global logistic companies which facilitate the export process. We can sell equipment “as is, where is” or if the buyer needs upgrades, refurbishment and installation, we sell the equipment fully functional and with a warranty. We have a team of engineers and technicians each with varied skills and talents who set up, test, repair and refurbish the equipment. Often times subsystems and components are replaced yielding a product with current technologies. We also perform customizations to match our specific customer's needs. We encourage our customers to visit our facility for the final source inspection and sign off on equipment being purchased.