FAIRCHILD / CONVAC, Model 6000 Photoresist Developer, refurbished

No. 3714

Lithographic process system with flexible material flow, modular design and high throughput.
Process modules with pick and place robots handling for wafers as well as for a variety of other substrates up to 150 mm (6") diameter.

Small footprint, only 1680 mm (66") wide, 1100mm (44") deep.

System consists of:
* 4 Sender/Receiver module for Standard Cassettes
* 2 Developer Module for spray or puddle developer
* 3 Froglegs Robots
* 3 Hotplates
* 1 Coolplate

Kuhnke 653W Programmable process Controller and ILONA menu controller at operator interface, onscreen operator guidance, single wafer data acquisition and record keeping, Host computer and CIM interface (SECS I/II)
4 pressurized 10 liter Canisters,
3 Chiller Heaters

SN: VS11477
Vintage: March 1996