YIELD ENINEERING INC., YES 53RE, Plasma Cleaning System

No. 4045

3 Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) for gas mixing
Clean Room Capability: Class 10
N2 Flow Rate: 1.7 SCFM
Process Gas Flow Rate: 20-50 SCCM average
Chamber Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
Process Gas Inputs: 3 standard, Ar, O2, N2, 4th optional
SEMI® S2 Compliance
Number of Recipes: 12 with load/save/loop/link capability
RF Plasma Power: 0-500 watts @ 550 VAC, selectable power
Nitrogen Consumption: 0 SCFM idle, 1.7 SCF for average processes
Reactant Gas Consumption: 0 SCFM idle, 150 SCC for average processes
Power Requirements: 230V, 20 amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
State Logic Controlled System programmable through touch screen interface
Analog MFC control and monitoring (requires MFC options)
Removable electrodes conform to user requirements
Thermocouple monitoring for etch uniformity and protection of temperature sensitive substrates
Safety factors – integral RF and pressure interlocks
Emergency off switch
Ethernet Communications for Programming (data acquisition optional)
Self-diagnostic program for easy troubleshooting.
Constant real-time display of System Status
Audible and Visual Cycle Complete Indicators.
Audible and Visual Indication of Incorrect Process with diagnostics display
0-1000 Torr Vacuum Sensor with 2 Programmable Trip Points.
Large load Capacity of up to 4 Active Plasma Areas of 15.13" W x 15.39" D inches (total of 931 sq. inches).
Operational Modes: RIE, Active, Downstream Electron-free, Active Ion Trap, and Grounded Ion Trap
Downstream mode produces charge-free plasma with near zero induced voltage
KF 40 Vacuum Plumbing
System Weight: 230 lbs. (110 kg.)
Microprocessor Controlled Mass Flow Controllers - Set of three MFC's (one for each input gas) controlled from system keypad.

Interior Chamber Dimensions: 450mm (18") x 450mm (18")x 300mm (12") WxDxH
Chamber Process Area: 931 in² or 233 in² per shelf

System is refurbished and tested.