Sputtering Systems / Evaporators

BALZERS UMS 500 Ultra High Vacuum Evaporator with 2 E-Guns and Ion Source

No. 3456

Special Ultra High Vacuum System with a pressure < 3x 10e-11mbar
1x Balzers Electron Beam Power Supply EHV 110A
2x Balzers Electron Gun Control EKS 110A
1x Balzers RTC 110 Rate Controller
2x Balzers ES300 E-Guns
1x Balzers Ion Gauge Control IMG 070
1x Balzers Sublimation Control USS 110
1x Balzers UMS Control UMC 101
1x Pfeifer Turbo Pump Power Supply TCP 300
1x Balzers Heater Control Unit UAS 301
1x Advanced Energy ID 2500 Ion Beam Drive
1x Ion Beam Source
1x Balzers Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer QMG511
1x Varian TSP control Unit Model VT922-0052
1x Balzers Temperature Control Unit 0° to 400°C

Water Distributor Rack

complete Documentation with drawing and schematics

No. 5456

TYPE: SCM 650, Serial No. Z225.560

APPLICATION: RF/DC sputtering(with or without bias)
Ionic cleaning.

PROCESS GAS: Argon, Nitrogen.

CHAMBER: Stainless steel chamber 650mm diameter, fitted with port-holes, flanges for measure instruments.
Port pumping 160mm diameter.

CATHODES: 2 magnetron targets 200mm diameter.

LOAD LOCK: for 150mm diameter substrates.
6 indexed positions 4 transfer positions
+ 2 sputtering positions)
Continuous rotation 1 to 30 r.p.m.
Vertical translation 50 to 100mm

SHUTTER: One 3/4 automatic shutter.

GENERATORS: 1 RF-Generator (2000 W) for the targets 1 and 2 and the substrate-holder
1 DC-Generator (3000 W) for the targets 1 and 2
. LOAD LOCK: Rough : rotary vane pump 2012 A (15 m3/h)
. CHAMBER: Rough : rotary vane pump 2033 A (35 m3/h)
. Secondary: Turbomolecular Pump 5402 CP (380 l/s)
. INTER-SEAL: Rough : rotary vane pump 1004 A (4.5 m3/h)

. LOAD LOCK: Rough vacuum: Pirani: PB 122
. CHAMBER: Rough vacuum: Pirani: PB 111
: Secondary vacuum: Bayard Alpert BN 111
: Process vacuum: Baratron MN 121

GAS LINES: 2 lines

MACHINE CONTROL : Programmable logic controller
SIEMENS Simatic with an OP 395.

. ELECTRICAL: Voltage 380V three phases + neutral + earth.
: Power 18 kVA.
. WATER: Flow (min.) 15 l/min, pressure 6 bar.
. COMPRESSED AIR: Pressure 6 bar± 0,5
. DRY NITROGEN: Pressure 1.5 bar.

DIMENSIONS: Width 2970mm.
: Height 1930mm.
: Depth 1800 mm

WEIGHT: Roughly 940kg (machine) 575kg (cabinets)

including: complete documentation