BOC EDWARDS Mistral HOx-E Exhaust Scrubber / Hot Air Oxidation Unit

No. 4575

Mistral is an electrically-heated hot air oxidation unit coupled with a proven three-stage wet scrubber and self-cleaning inlets. Mistral employs a patented hydrogen inject system and is capable of removing pyrophoric and acid gases) for semiconductor applications such as polysilicon and oxide deposition as well as the high fluorine flows from processes that employ remote nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) clean


The Hot Oxidation System (HOx) offers a significant advance in the performance of non-fuel oxidation technology. Targeted at CVD applications, the system ensures safe removal of pyrophoric gases to below flammable limits and the effective treatment of acidic by-products to prevent exhaust duct corrosion.

The HOx combines an innovative electrical heated oxidation unit with the proven three-stage wet scrubber from the inward-fired combustor product range to deliver excellent powder handling capabilities.
Ideal for most CVD applications including:

PECVD Nitride
Tungsten CVD

Features and Benefits

Low capital cost
Low cost of ownership
No fuel
Low water use
Low power
Small footprint
Enhanced security
PLC controlled
Full system monitoring
Tool interface
SEMI S2-93 compliant
Superior design
High performance
Up to 4 independent self cleaning inlets
Unique oxidation chamber design increases destruction efficiencies while minimizing particulate deposition
Proven three stage wet scrubber (from the inward fired combustor range) provides blockage-free particulate entrapment and highly efficient acid gas removal
Novel construction on sliding platform provides easy servicing, resulting in lower maintenance requirements compared to competing units
Integral bypass valves available as optional extra feature
Integral water recirculation unit available as optional extra feature, to minimize utility consumption and COO

Technical Data

Process gas inlets NW40 SS, 4 inlets
Exhaust outlet 75mm flexible bellows
Nitrogen inlet 1/4" Swagelok ®
Stainless steel 4-6 bar gauge
Water 3/4" bore PVC Pipe
PCW 3/4" bore PVC Pipe
(water recirculation unit)

Power Requirements
Supply Three phase 415/380v, 50Hz
Or Three phase 208v, 50/60Hz
Consumption Nominal 5kW

Dimensions 1300x600x1835mm
Weight 400kg

CE Marking