ESEC Wafermounter Model 650

No. 3496

The unique design of the ESEC Wafer Mounter 650
allows sticky foil and wafers to be mounted on frames in one run. A special chuck, covered with a quikly exchangeable sponge-like foil which holds the wafer in place during mounting, absorbs contamination particles from the wafer surface. ESEC's novel mounting method results in void-free assembled wafers, while applying only low specific force to them.
These features enable the Wafer Mounter to also handle bumped wafers, fractions, etc., with the highest possible accuracy and productivity.

Production Steps

Step 1
Load the wafer and frame on to the loading chucks and switch on the vacuum.

Step 2
Push the loading table underthe splitfield optic and finely adjust the theta alignment.

Step 3
Push the loading table completely in. The table is
pressed upwards and the wafer and frame are passed
to the mounting chucks. Pull the table out when it has moved down again.

Step 4
The mounting process runs automatically and the machine is ready for loading the next wafer and frame.

Step 5
Align the next wafer and remove the previously mounted wafer while the table is being pushed in again.

Mounting Process

Step 1
Wafer and frame are held by vacuum on the mounting

Step 2
The cylinder moves up and clamps the foil between two spring-loaded rings.

Step 3
The cylinder moves further up till the pressure ring (rubber) presses the foil against the frame. Now the foil is taut.

Step 4
This uppermost position of the cylinder is detected by a micro- switch. After the delay "membrane up start" (1s)the membrane starts to blow up for the time "membrane up slow". The speed of the membrane can be adjusted on the rear panel of the unit with the airflow regulator
"membrane up speed".

Step 5
After the time "membrane up slow", the membrane is
filled at full speed (no airflow restrictor) for the time "membrane up fast", to ensure that the whole space is filled and the set pressure limit is reached.

Step 6
Now the wafer is mounted and the membrane and cylinder start to decompress. At the same time, the delay "transport start" (default 7s) starts to run.

Step 7
After the delay "press to vac. value" (3s) vacuum is applied to the cylinder to suck it down.

Step 8
When the delay time "transport start" is over, the foil transport starts and transports also the processed frame to the front cover.