Wafer- Inspection / Measuring Equipment

KLA TENCOR 2132 Wafer Inspection System

No. 2473

General Description
The KLA 2132 is capable of inspecting at the following rates:

- Speed: 5 sec/cm² Sensitivity: 0.62
- Speed: 15 sec/cm² Sensitivity: 0.39
- Speed: 30 sec/cm² Sensitivity: 0.25

and includes the following:
- Wafer Inspection Module for 4, 5, 6 or 8 inch wafer size
- image Computer
- Minimum inspectable feature size of 0.25µm in DIE to DIE mode
- Defect Clustering and Auto Review
- Sampling Blanket Wafer Inspection
- Automated Inspection Automatic Focusing
- KLA SAT segmented auto threshold imaging processing hardware and software using mean and range functions on the KLA 2132 and KLA 2135 platforms that allows.
-- Improved inspection performance on noisy surfaces like CMP and metal reduced inspection setup time enhanced threshold algorithm for all process levels
-- KLA ADC Automated Defect classification Package
Includes image processing and analysis software for inspection station .
-- The system has internally two computers:
--- one is the system computer, which controls the machine in run mode
--- and the other is the ADC computer, which controls the machine in automatic review mode (you can also do manual review mode). The ADC Manager is not included.
- Fully automatic, non-contact wafer alignment Uses image recognition without special test site requirement
- Accomodates SEMI standard 25 wafer cassettes
- Uses pick-and-place, random access wafer handling system
- Image hard copy
- Remote image access XV
- Tencor 6000 loader

Substrates: For silicon wafers conforming to SEMI standard M1.1 Wafer diameter (mm): 100 100 125 150 200 Wafer thickness (µm): 525 625 625 675 725

DIE to DIE Mode Cell to Cell Mode Sensitivity (µm)
Speed (sec/cm²) Sensitivity (µm) Speed (sec/cm²) 0.60 05 0.50 1.5 0.40 15 0.30 05 0.25 30 0.20 15

KLA2132 Board Configuration
MAIN CARD CAGE DP 710-683424-001 REV AA DF 710
-661726-00 BD1 API 710-658036-00 REV C1 API 710
-658041-20 REV E0 UP 710-658046-00 REV F0 XINT 710
-658176-00 REV A0 YINT 710-658172-00 REV H0 XINT 710
-658176-00 REV A0 YINT 710-658172-00 REV H0 CT 710
-655651-20 REV C0 CT 710-655651-20 REV C0 MM 710
-659412-00 REV C0 MM 710-659412-00 REV C0 MC 710
-658232-20 REV H0 IF1 710-658086-20 REV E0 AUXILIARY

-DF 710-678525-001 REV AB DD 710-650044-20 REV DB0 - DP 710-678545-00 REV B1 RTF 710-652840-20 REV D3 710-659485-20 REV??

Manufactured: August 1995
The system was deinstalled by KLA and barrier bagged in september 2002 and until that date, was upgraded with various hardware and software upgrades.

Full performance specifications are available on request

S/N W21XX639
Facilities: 120V 3 phase 25A per phase

GAERTNER L116-C8 Variable Angle Ellipsometer

No. 2496

* Automatic highly precise measurements of film thickness and refractive index.
* Tilt-free, focus free, hands-off operation for similar wafers
* 15 Micron measuring spot standard
* Combination tilt/viewing scope standard
* Variable angle for difficulty to measure and near period films
* Trouble-free, no moving parts patentend StokesMeters measurement head
* Simple, compact tabletop instrument
* Wafer size up tu 200mm (8")
* Compaq Prolinea 590 PC with Windows Software, 17" TFT HP Monitor

CENSOR ANS 100 Advanced Nanodefect Surface Inspection System

No. 3499

up to 300 mm Wafers
Cassette to Cassette

RUDOLPH Technology Inc. Auto EL IV Ellipsometer

No. 3502


OPERATING WAVELENGTH: 405nm,546nm,633nm
(BW=± 5nm)
Polarizer or Analyzer 0.05°
DELTA 0.1°
PSI 0.05°
Resolution and accuracy of measured film thickness and film or substrate refractive index depends on the film-substrate system and the film thickness. 3 to 10 angstroms and 0,01 refractive index units are typical for silicon oxide films on silicon.

Pin Locations 70° ±.02° and 90° ±.02°

Typical 17 seconds
Maximum *50 seconds
*Add 10 seconds for printout & 10 seconds for wavelength change.

Display film thickness, index order thickness or substrate N and K as well as prompting message to the operator.

Serial ASCII. R5-232
SEMI Equipment Communication Standard - II

The standard sample stage has vertical adjustment plus tilt adjustment about vertex of angle of incidence and about axis formed by intersection of plane of sample. Maximum sample size 150mm.

Double absorbing film data reduction software similar to the double transparent film software but with the additional capability of calculating the parameters for single or double absorbing films, as well as non-absorbing films. SECS II compatibility permits replacement of the operator initiated functions by an external computer, and provides complete data transmission of measured and computed results to an external computer. Poly/oxide, poly/ nitride data reduction also included.

Provides convenient switching between autocollimator and microscope function. Microscope function provides a 4mm field of view, 40X magnification and cross hairs for viewing of sample and locating measurement area. Autocollimator provides precise and easy sample alignment.

Built-in. Dot-matrix format. Alpha-numeric.

115V ± 10V 50/60Hz 230W or
230V ± 10V 50/60Hz 230W

LEICA / VISTEC IMS 2000 Inspection / Defect Review System

No. 4015

* Cassette to Cassette Wafer handling for up to 200mm Wafers
* LEICA ERGOPLAN Microscope with motorized X/Y 225mm movement table
* Leica PL Fluotar 10X & 20X and Leica PL APO 50X, 100X and 150X
* Ergonomic Binocular Viewing Optics with Leica L PLAN 10x/25 Eyepieces
* ICR option (Interference Contrast Reflection (Nomarski Princible))
* Laser Autofocus
* Integrated Dual Secondary Magnification with 1X, 1.6X and 2.5X Range
* Photographic Eye Tube with Zoom Adapter Lense with .55X - 1.1X Magnification Range
* Lamphouse with 12V 100W Halogen Bulb and power supply
* Donpisha 3CCD Color Vision Camera Module
* Sony CMA-D2 Camera Adapter
* Sony HR Trinitron Model PVM-1453MD Monitor
* HP Super VGA Model D2 HeNe Laser
* SMC Digital Pressure Sensor
* Power 120V/230V, 50/60Hz
* CE Marked

This is the available software on original 3.5" diskettes:
4x DOS 6.22
4x DOS-RMX4WIN Version 2.2 (FastPC)
2x VISCON Main-Software-Module Version 5.64
1x VISCON Network, Network-Module (V1.00) Version 5.64
1x Autofeeder MIS 1/2 K Version 1.63
1x VISCON-MIS, MIS-Module (V1.13) Version 5.64
1x VISCON-TENCOR, Review-Module (V2.02), Version 5.64
1x VISCON-Feedcal, Feedcal-Module (V1.0), Version 5.64
1x VISCON-Videoprinter, Videoprinter-Interface (V2.15), Version 5.64
1x VICON-Version Check, Version 5.64
1x VISCON-Tumbler, Tumbler-Module (V1.0), Version 5.64
1x VISCON-KLA, Review-Module (V2.06), Version 5.64
1x VISCON 5.64 UPDATE 1, install after VISCON 5.64 Software, Version 1.0
1x WINUPD for Fast Speed PC and VISCON Windows Modules, Version 1.00
1x WINDOWS for RMX, SETUP, Version 5.64
1x WINDOWS for RMX, OLE 2.0 & MFC 2.5, Version 5.64
1x WINDOWS for RMX INTERFACE, Version 5.64
1x WINDOWS-VISCON, TIFF-STORAGE Module, Version 5.64
2x SCREEN MACHINE, SMII, Version 1.2

There are 5 Original Manuals available:

1x VISCON Software Manual
1x Service Information Software Update VISCON 5.64 for Fast Speed PC
1x Supplement for the Software Manual ELMES-SP Version 4.1. This supplement describes the modifications implemented in the new software version ELMES-SP Version 4.20.
1x LEICA MIS 200 Service Information

LEITZ ERGULUX Inspection Microscope with CD2 line width measuring system

No. 4574


- X/Y Stages with 156mm travel
- Wafersize from 3" to 6"
- Motorized objective nosepiece.
- Forwardly-placed viewing port.
- Automatic control microscope illumination
- Adapter for CD Camera on top

Periplan GF 10x/18 Occular
ICR NPL 5x/0,09
ICR LL 20x/0,40
ICR NPL FLUTAR 100x/0,90

Incl. Incident Light Interference Contrast (ICR)

CD2 Module with ELMES Software 5.1
Pentium PC with 17" TFT Monitor and Keyboard and Mouse

1 set of manuals

LEITZ MPV SP, Automatic Film Thickness Measuring System, with Scan 2000 X/Y Stages

No. 4599

Measuring principle and applications
The LEITZ MPV SP is a high resolution Photometric System for measurement of the thicknesses of transparent, thin, single or double layer films.
Because the instrument is based on a microscope, the object to be measured can be as small as a few microns.
The measuring process itself is based on the spectral analysis of the light reflected from the sample in the wavelength range 400 - 800 nm. The interference between the light reflected from the upper and lower surfaces of the film (an effect which can be observed for thin, transparent films) is used for the measurement.
Modular Software and a suitable optical design make the MPV SP a universally applicable spectrometer with a wide variety of uses in many different fields, such as biology, physics and medicine. In particular, spectrometry is gaining ever increasing importance in semiconductor production.
The System has been designed for use with the LEITZ ERGO-LUX® AMC microscopes. The Option of a laser autofocus (LAF) System is of particular interest as Leitz has used its considerable experience in this area to develop a System with high measurement throughput.
General purpose: Film thickness measurement based on interference analysis of the light reflected from the measured surface.
Possible to create new combinations of single or double layers on substrate as long as the refractive indices and absorption coefficients for the chosen wavelength range are known.

Stand alone Microscope type Ergolux AMC with motorized Scan 2000 X/Y Stages

Periplan Ocular GF 10x 18

NPL Fluotar 10x/0.22 DF
L 20x/0.20
PL 50x/0.60
NPL Fluotar 50x/0.60 DF
NPL Fluotar 100x/0.90 DF

Laser Autofocus

Motorized 200mm (8") X/Y Stages with SCAN 2000 Electronics and Software

Interface for RS232, IEEE or SECSI (optional SECSII)
Wafersize from 3" to 8"
Illuminator Modulopak / 1
Computer: HP Vetcra 3 Pentium Desktop
with 19" TFT Flat Screen Monitor
System Software Rev.
ELMES-SP Ver 4.24
ELMES-SP Ref. Ver. 4.24

System Specifications:

Illumination: Incident light with computer-controlled intensity regulation, white light.

Spectrometer: Grating monochromator with grating constant 1200/mm.

Detector: Hamamatsu type R 928 (S 20) photomultiplier.

Spectral range: 220-800nm, reduced to 400-800nm for film thickness measurements.

Spectral resolution: < 1 nm.

Reproducibilty of the spectral measurement: < 1 nm.

Linearity error for spectral measurement: < ± 1 nm.

Measuring aperture: Rectangular, variable, from micron range up to 50 % of the field of view, depending on the

Time for film thickness determination cycle: 6-20 seconds, depending upon measuring problem.

Film thickness measuring range: Approx. from 10 nm to 15µm, depending on material.

Film thickness measuring accuracy: < ± 2 nm for films < 100 nm. < ± 2-5 % for films>100 nm, depending upon material.

Lamp power supply stabilization: <0.1%.

Operating conditions:
a) Working temperature from 15 to 35 °C.
b) Measuring temperature 22±2°C.
c) Relative humidity < 75%.

Electrical data:
a) Mains supply: 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz.
b) Voltage tolerance: ± 10%.
c) Power consumption: max. 600 VA.