LEITZ MPV SP, Automatic Film Thickness Measuring System, with Scan 2000 X/Y Stages

No. 4599

Measuring principle and applications
The LEITZ MPV SP is a high resolution Photometric System for measurement of the thicknesses of transparent, thin, single or double layer films.
Because the instrument is based on a microscope, the object to be measured can be as small as a few microns.
The measuring process itself is based on the spectral analysis of the light reflected from the sample in the wavelength range 400 - 800 nm. The interference between the light reflected from the upper and lower surfaces of the film (an effect which can be observed for thin, transparent films) is used for the measurement.
Modular Software and a suitable optical design make the MPV SP a universally applicable spectrometer with a wide variety of uses in many different fields, such as biology, physics and medicine. In particular, spectrometry is gaining ever increasing importance in semiconductor production.
The System has been designed for use with the LEITZ ERGO-LUX® AMC microscopes. The Option of a laser autofocus (LAF) System is of particular interest as Leitz has used its considerable experience in this area to develop a System with high measurement throughput.
General purpose: Film thickness measurement based on interference analysis of the light reflected from the measured surface.
Possible to create new combinations of single or double layers on substrate as long as the refractive indices and absorption coefficients for the chosen wavelength range are known.

Stand alone Microscope type Ergolux AMC with motorized Scan 2000 X/Y Stages

Periplan Ocular GF 10x 18

NPL Fluotar 10x/0.22 DF
L 20x/0.20
PL 50x/0.60
NPL Fluotar 50x/0.60 DF
NPL Fluotar 100x/0.90 DF

Laser Autofocus

Motorized 200mm (8") X/Y Stages with SCAN 2000 Electronics and Software

Interface for RS232, IEEE or SECSI (optional SECSII)
Wafersize from 3" to 8"
Illuminator Modulopak / 1
Computer: HP Vetcra 3 Pentium Desktop
with 19" TFT Flat Screen Monitor
System Software Rev.
ELMES-SP Ver 4.24
ELMES-SP Ref. Ver. 4.24

System Specifications:

Illumination: Incident light with computer-controlled intensity regulation, white light.

Spectrometer: Grating monochromator with grating constant 1200/mm.

Detector: Hamamatsu type R 928 (S 20) photomultiplier.

Spectral range: 220-800nm, reduced to 400-800nm for film thickness measurements.

Spectral resolution: < 1 nm.

Reproducibilty of the spectral measurement: < 1 nm.

Linearity error for spectral measurement: < ± 1 nm.

Measuring aperture: Rectangular, variable, from micron range up to 50 % of the field of view, depending on the

Time for film thickness determination cycle: 6-20 seconds, depending upon measuring problem.

Film thickness measuring range: Approx. from 10 nm to 15µm, depending on material.

Film thickness measuring accuracy: < ± 2 nm for films < 100 nm. < ± 2-5 % for films>100 nm, depending upon material.

Lamp power supply stabilization: <0.1%.

Operating conditions:
a) Working temperature from 15 to 35 °C.
b) Measuring temperature 22±2°C.
c) Relative humidity < 75%.

Electrical data:
a) Mains supply: 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz.
b) Voltage tolerance: ± 10%.
c) Power consumption: max. 600 VA.