ELECTROGLAS 4085X 200mm Automated Prober

No. 1697

Asking Price: 4,800 Euro

High volume cassette to cassette wafer prober.

200mm Temptronic thermal inducing non-contacting Wafer Chuck
Temptronic TP03010B-2100-1 Temperature Controller, with IEEE Interface
* Wide Temperature range: 0° to +200°C
* DC Control System minimizes electrical noise
* Temperature Stability :±0.1°C
* Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C calibrated against transfer standard
* Advanced ThermoChuck Design:
* Low stray capacitance and high electrical resistance to ground: Surface Electrical Isolation: >109 Ohms at 500 VDC between surface and ground at +25°C ; higher isolation configurations are available
* Superior chuck temperature uniformity: ±0.5°C or ±0.5% of set temperature
* Guarded ( low leakage) chuck configurations are optional

System Controller RMHN4
Display Controller Module DCM3
Prober Control Module PCM
Vision Module PRM-3
OPTEM HF Video Microscope, with 2 light sources

S/N W4085090223-167053
208V, 20A, 50/60Hz

RAM Reid Ashman Mfg. Manipulator
Model OM971FF S/N 036
SUN Sparc Server 670 MP