OLYMPUS MHL-525MS Micro-Macro Inspection System for large Substrates

No. 5389

This equipment is a microscope in which the macro illumination system and the coordinate reading spot illumination system are arranged on an electrically operated large-sized stage; the equipment has the following special characteristics:

1. Defects (scar, dirt, etc.) discovered under macro illumination can be registered by means of a switch, and the defect can immediately be closely observed through the microscope.

2. Through the electrically operated stage, programmed moving operations of the observation location are available.

3. The air spring type vibration-isolation table equipped with an automatic leveling function enables steady and stable microscopic observations even when a lens of high magnification is used.

4. Observation under transmitted illumination (bright field) and incident illumination (bright and dark fields, simplified polarization) is available; the object lens of a very long working distance is used; the focusing revolver unit is used that allows focusing without the need to move the work vertically; the optical system suited to the liquid-crystal board is adopted.

This equipment consists of the following units having the functions described below.
1.) System control unit
Governs and controls the equipment as a whole.
2) Microscope unit
Consists of the electrically operated
large-sized stage and the microscope optical
3) Macro illumination
An illumination unit having a wide
illumination field using a metal halide
system lamp as a light source.
Various functions are available, such as
brightness adjustment, by means of the
"ND filter";
selection of the wavelength by means of
color filters;
switchover of converged light and scattered
and adjustment of the illumination angle.
4) Coordinate reading spot
Illuminates the specified spots for reading
the coordinate during macro illumination
system illumination.
This system is equipped with a TV camera that
enables zoomed-in observation of the spot.
5) Vibration-isolation table
Prevents the microscope from vibrating,
and secures stable observation of the sample
and smooth movement of the stage.
It is equipped with a TV monitor table.
6) X/Y Stages
Ball Screw drive by means of AC servo motor
closed drive with high resolution linear
Mounting sample size: X 470mm, Y 370mm and
thickness of up to 1.1 mm

Outside dimensions: 3100x1700x2100 (mm) WxDxH
Weight: approx: 300 kg incl. the vibration-isolation table