LEITZ ERGULUX AMC Inspection Microscope for large substrates

No. 4572


- X/Y Stages with 360x360 (mm) travel
- View field with ilumination from the bottom 250x250 (mm)
- Motorized objective nosepiece.
- Forwardly-placed viewing port.
- Automatic control microscope illumination
- ICR option (Interference Contrast Reflection
(Nomarski Princible))
- Adaptor for CD Camera on top
- LEICA DFC 290 CCD Camera
- DELL PC with 17" Monitor
- SDI uView Software
- Top and bottom light source

Periplan GF 10x/MF Occular

NPL Fluotar 5x/0.09 DF Objective
NPL 10x/0.20 Objective
NPL Fluotar 20x/0.45 DF Objective
NPL Fluotar 50x/0.60 DF Objective
NPL Fluotar 100x/0.90 DF Objective