BETTA-TECH CU 500-818 Heater / Chiller Recirculator Units

No. 1669

Asking Price: 950 Euro

The Betta-Tech CU Series Heater/Chiller Circulator Units have been designed for applications where cooling liquid temperatures between -20°C - +70°C are required.
The compact self-contained units can be fitted with various types of pumps and temperature controllers. A P.I.D. digital controller is available for stability requirements to ±0.1°C, this making a Betta-Tech chiller a valuable accessory for use with scientific or industrial equipment.
Use of a Betta-Tech chiller offers many advantages over mains water cooling. Consumption of large quantities of mains water is wasteful and if using a metered supply can be very expensive. In addition corrosion and scaling of the equipment being cooled may result.
The design of the Betta-Tech chiller has been constructed for ease of service in that every point is easily accessible. They are straightforward to operate and come with a full set of instructions.

Cooling capacity at 15°C 1250
water temp (kcal/h)
Temperature range (°C) -20° to +70°
Refrigeration (HP) 0.5
Heater Rating (kW) 1.5/2.0
Flow max zerohead (Itr/hr) 450
Pressure (bar) .7/3
Tank capacity (Itr) 1.7
Dimensions (mm)
Height 450
Width 380
Length 610
Weight (kg) 62
Electrical supply (V) 240/110 1phase
Water connections 16 mm hose or BSP