No. 6034

Asking Price: 950 Euro

Advanced Energy Sparc-le 20 DC Pulsing Arc Handling Accessory for MDX Series Power Supplies

The Sparc-le 20 accessory is for AE MDX DC Power Supplies output currents under 25 A. In response to today's demand for improved film quality with fewer defects, the Sparc-le 20 unit accessory provides exceptional arc repression capability by preventing the formation of arcs. It's also a cost-effective method to improve sputtered film quality.

The Sparc-le 20 unit clears arcs in 5 ms and dramatically reduces the number of hard arcs, resulting in reduced particulates and increased process time. Its small size allows for easy integration into existing systems with both old and new MDX products.

Process Improvements:
* A decrease in uniformity defects in some ZnO and Al2O3 processes
* Virtual elimination of particulates in some aluminum processes
* A 50% reduction in defect rate in carbon sputtering processes
* Improved film quality
* Increased throughput due to the ability to operate at higher powers
* Fewer and softer nodule formations on carbon targets
* Higher deposition rates in reactive processes

* Reduced arcing
* Reduced particulates
* Improved uniformity
* Improved sputter yields
* Higher throughput
* Reduced target contamination
* Wider process latitude

SPARC-LE 20 Specifications,

AC Input Voltage: 90-126.5 Vac RMS,50/60Hz,single phase,30VA
180-253 Vac RMS, 50/60Hz,single phase, 30VA,

DC Input Voltage: Any low-Z or standard-Z output from an MDX magnetron supply with output current below 1.5A

DC Current: 25 A steady state maximum; no minimum
current is required for operation
The supervisory circuit requires a
minimum of 1.5A before it is

DC Input and Output Connectors: UHF type, female,
Amphenol part number 83- lR

Cable Connector for DC Input and Output: UHF type, male, Amphenol part number 83-822

DC Input and Output Cables: RG-8U coaxial cable; output cable from the unit to chamber not to exceed 6m (20')

Input and Output DC Polarity: Negative output (positive at ground, Negative output (positive floating less than 100V from ground)

Arc-Handling Characteristics: 40,000 arcs/s maximum; 5-7 ms typical arc recovery time;
1,800V absolute maximum input DC voltage
150V minimum to 1000 V maximum output
operating range; 5-20 ms delay before
next arc can be processed

Dimensions: 132.08mm (H) x 482.6mm (W) x 175.26mm
5.2" (H) x 19" (W) x 6.9" (D)
Weight: 7.7kg (17 lb) maximum